Midi Upright Bass

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Music : Catherine-André Martel et Louis-Antoine Lassonde, Mixer : Patrick Rioux,
Made with a Lassonde Midi cello and a MidiUpright bass 


Midi Double bass or Upright Bass  :

  • Adjustable bridge.
  • 4 or 5 strings available on order.
  • Midi and / or  Electroacoustic system by RMC.
  • Made of Ebony, maple top, maple neck and mahogany back.
  • Unique design, top quality  material, hand-made with precision adjustment.
  • Head carved with motive at the back to relieve weight and facilitate change of strings. 
  • Price is around 5,000$ for the 4 strings and depends on choices and demands of customers. 



Deposit of 25% at the beginning, another 25% before final stage of adjustment and varnish, the rest at delivery.

It takes around 6 months to make the instrument. Customer must purchase by himself all other material needed for connecting or to produce sound (Acoustic amplifier, synthesizer etc...).



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